5 Things You Need To Know About Planning A Wedding Shower

The wedding planning season is jam-packed with events that show the soon-to-be couple how much they are loved. Wedding showers are among our favorites. This pre-wedding party, which usually occurs two to three months before the wedding, gets everyone pumped up for the big day. Once your loved ones are officially engaged, it is time to start planning!

1. Who is planning the wedding shower?

During the wedding planning process, a lot of things are going on at once. It can be difficult to determine who is in charge of organizing each event. Usually, parents or other wedding party members take on the responsibility of preparing a wedding when it comes to the wedding party. This provides the newly engaged couple with a small break from the stresses of preparation.

2. Who has to pay?

It is customary for those hosting the event to pay the expenses. However, we realize that this is not always the case, and we are all about doing things outside of the box. Maybe the just-engaged couple wishes to pay the bill, or perhaps their family is willing to contribute some money. The sole purpose of a bridal shower should be to celebrate the newlyweds and bring everyone together before the big day.

3. When should you throw a wedding shower?

Wedding showers are often held two to three months before the wedding. It is just far enough away from the big day that everyone has time to make plans to accommodate both events in their schedules. Make sure to give everyone at least two months’ notice of the date so they can make plans.

4. Who should you invite?

You should consult the couple on the final guest list, regardless of who handles the planning duties. Even while you might be able to guess who they will like to invite, it is important to ensure the couple has the final say. As a general guideline, invite all members of the immediate family on both sides as well as your close family and friends. Remember that if the couple is planning an intimate celebration or eloping, it would be a fantastic opportunity to invite guests who might not have made the final guest list for the wedding ceremony.

5. Do guests need to bring gifts?

At a wedding shower, gifts are appreciated but not required. Since this is a combined celebration, if you want to give the newly engaged pair gifts, choose something practical for both of them.

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