Choosing The Perfect Palette

Wedding photos are memories that will forever be cherished, so choosing a set of colors that reflects your personal style is a crucial step to take early in the planning process. So, where should you start? We recommend focusing on the major necessities first, such as setting a date and picking a venue. After you’ve done that, there are other aspects to consider like what season your wedding will be taking place in or where your wedding will be.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Think of a color you like

Your wedding should reflect both you and your future spouse, so picking a color that you both like is a solid place to start. Starting off with a single color is a great way to help you choose complementary accent colors to round out your palette. Picking complementary colors is simpler than it may seem; one way to do this is by consulting a color wheel. Colors that are known to go well together are direct opposites from each other on a color wheel – typically pairing together a warm and cool tone. An example of this would be baby blue and pastel yellow. If brighter accent colors aren’t your cup of tea, you’re always safe with choosing a neutral tone like gray or beige to tie your palette together.

  • Consider the season

If you are still stuck trying to think of your wedding’s color palette, explore seasonal colors! Think of the season your wedding will be held in and its popular color scheme. Although you don’t have to choose colors that correspond with your wedding season, thinking of seasonal colors can be a great starting point when looking for inspiration. Darker colors like maroon, emerald green, and navy blue are colors typically used during winter, while pastel pink, lavender, and lemon yellow are commonly used in the springtime. Seasonal colors tend to photograph well when they correspond with their respective season, but this should not deter you from choosing a color palette that feels right to you no matter the season.

  • Get inspired by your venue

Visualizing your venue may be something that you wouldn’t think of doing when picking out your color palette but doing so can really help. What color are the walls? Will the décor clash with your chosen set of colors? Avoid these doubts by using your venue as your guide to picking your palette. A venue that is lacking décor and isn’t already furnished will make selecting wedding colors super simple since nothing is out of place. However, having a wedding in a hotel, church, or an estate can make the color selection process a bit more extensive. Use your venue’s surroundings as inspiration so that your colors set the tone of the space.

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