Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2023

As 2022 comes to a close and we prepare to ring in a new year, we should also get ready to see some new trends surface. Here are a few trends that could revolutionize the wedding industry by 2023.

Disposable Cameras

Trends in weddings will definitely follow the rising trend of all things nostalgic. In the wedding industry, disposable cameras are making a comeback and will be a huge trend in 2023. A disposable camera was often placed on each wedding table decades ago so that guests could take their own pictures. Now that film and photo development are so expensive, most couples choose to just provide disposable cameras to their wedding party to capture the event in their eyes.

TikTok Wedding Trends

TikTok has reached the wedding industry completely and is redefining how couples prepare for their special day. More and more people will use the platform in 2023 to find wedding providers, explore unique ideas, and share advice with other brides. Next year, everything will, in my opinion, follow TikTok trends, from the music playing to the table settings and everything in between.

Colorful and Non-Traditional Color Schemes

The minimalist aesthetic has been popular over the past few years in the wedding industry. Traditional wedding colors like black and white have been used time and time again. Even though these color choices are beautiful and cohesive, there has been an increase in colorful weddings over the previous year. It is predicted that in 2023, wedding designs for couples will feature a lot more color and move toward a more whimsical approach.

Destination Weddings

Since the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns started to lift, there has been a shift toward destination weddings. Couples are choosing to travel to far-off locations to exchange vows and have their wedding abroad more than ever before. Additionally, given that the Euro and the US dollar are currently about equal in value, there will be a significant rise in European destination weddings in 2023.

Candid Photos

Like most things in the wedding industry, trends have a big impact on photography styles. When Pinterest first started, many adored the aesthetic of sepia-toned photographs and unique angles. The previously common style of photography, emphasizing natural soft lighting and different poses, seemed to become popular a few years later. But candid shots and natural light are the focus of the most recent wedding photography style. This kind of photography, which is typically referred to as editorial or documentary, forgoes poses and emphasizes flaws. Couples are less interested in having things look perfect and are instead more concerned with having their photographers document the day naturally and without any disruptions.

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