What Weddings Could Like After COVID-19

What Weddings Could Like After COVID-19

With lockdowns being enforced across the world by governments to curb the rise of the pandemic, event organizers, planners, coordinators, and wedding pros, current realities make event unpredictable for celebrants – not even guests are sure of what might become of weddings in Central Florida or the Finger Lakes Region post COVID 19.  While the government is restricting group gatherings to a certain amount, we are all unsure of what the future holds.

With many states reopening for business, new stringent guiding principles for how events and weddings are held will need everybody to adapt. Wedding professionals, particularly organizers, are now discussing the options surrounding weddings during and after the pandemic, and the issue of enacting COVID-compliance procedures at forthcoming events in Central Florida and the Finger Lakes Region.

To help our users in planning effectively, we are tapping our professionals at Celebrations by Allie for likely possibilities in future weddings; the most joyful day in the life of couples. Though, all ideas are dependent on each state’s approach with the CDC issuing new guidelines as day to day activities pick up.

The love and celebrations that come with weddings would remain even after COVID 19.

Possible Safety and Health Procedures

Wedding venues are assessing how to evolve their space to avoid capacity, while also guaranteeing protection with the advent of a new terminology known as COVID-compliance and/or social distancing.

Below are some steps event planners should work on concerning weddings as COVID-19 continues to affect events.

Creative Hand Sanitizing Options

Reflect on those moments when lift glasses, people pull out seats, shuffle between rooms, and perhaps shake hands. The answer is simple: to have handy sanitizers and wipes easily accessible, then to even be ingenious about it. You need to talk with vendors about procedures and keeping your guests and their staff safe. Many questions need to be answered; are staff going to need PPE?  How will items rented be cleaned? Couples should ask questions on grey areas especially on guest and personal safety

Accessible Masks and Gloves

Event planners at Celebrations by Allie are now looking at options on how to effortlessly distribute masks and gloves to guests at wedding events in Orlando, Central Florida, Finger Lakes Region, as well as reception and ceremony arrangements. We also recommend that masks are used to prevent the spread of the virus and also with surface disinfecting and consistent washing of hands.  These are recently adopted measures that will most likely continue for many years to come.

New Layouts

Celebrations by Allie wedding planners are now familiar with getting the right layouts and spatial design. The core of the wedding service layout has advanced, regularly reflecting religious and cultural traditions, and, probably, a different kind of post-COVID design visual will now be used. Wedding layouts is something that needs constant readjustments as new updates come from regulatory bodies. Six-feet distancing rules are now being followed by event planners at Celebrations by Allie in Weddings all around Orlando, Central Florida, and the Finger Lakes Region. Our planners are now more creative with dinner layouts and seating arrangements.

Necessarily, Wedding Ceremonies in Orlando Will Be More Intimate

For the time being, couples should try and check in with their own venues about indoors and outdoors rules and capacities. Planners, meanwhile, are ideating inventive solutions for seating to still evoke a sense of gathering.

Contactless Greetings

Winks, bows, and waves are likely going to replace handshake and hug during wedding ceremonies. Celebrations at Allie planners endeavor to remind couples of how to greet in descriptions inside wedding venues in Central Florida and the Finger Lakes Region and while they are entering the venues. Social distancing rules are followed at events we handle.

People can still dance

The traditional form of dancing may change temporarily but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Couples and guests may now need to dance in ways that reduce physical contact. Families living together can dance together but it would have to be minimal in approach. Dancing around in circles and other kinds of dancing that eliminates physical contacts maybe introduced by our planners at Celebrations by Allie.

New Entertainment will be embraced

Entertainment goes beyond dancing: Couples can organize a dance competition or jazz concert that is greatly entertaining but keep people on their seats for longer periods.  Celebrations by Allie planners are endlessly collaborating with couples to produce even cooler guest experiences and innovative trends are bound to emerge.

New Stationery Designs

Event planners are predicting a change in wedding stationeries with more details expected to be included. Wedding invitations will likely include a new set of instructions apart from the dress code and other traditional details. Wedding guests are going to know more about social distancing, food service, and safety measures. Couples would need a platform that allows easy and frequent communication with their guests.

Wedding Websites will become more popular

One great place to put everything about the wedding is a website. Right from your love story, down to your registry and wedding organization, a website is the most accessible avenue for guests to get thorough knowledge of how couples are going about their weddings. Creating a FAQ on the website can help address concerns of guests. You can include a suggestion box with a contact form – allowing you to know more about the expectations of your guests.

Include COVID related information in the FAQ section to reassure your guests you care about their safety. It creates an atmosphere with assurance and peace of mind.

Digitalization of Marriage Registry and Gifting

With more couples leaning towards digital registries, post-COVID will likely witness more weddings going through digital registries. Gift giving will likely also shift towards the same route. Expect more guests to give gifts through monetary platforms like cash app and other digital financial platforms.

Live Streaming of Wedding Events

Considering the rising embrace of virtual engagements during COVID, many couples will look into streaming their weddings live for those who can’t attend due to health or other concerns. Technology will be taking a center stage now in events at Orlando henceforth.

Outdoor Events on the rise

Outdoor wedding venues in Central Florida and The Finger Lakes Region have for long been witnessing a rise in patronage; COVID is likely to push more people towards it. Outdoor events provide more space – thereby allowing more fluid movements. With more space and comfortable movement, guests will have a better experience at weddings. Celebrations at Allie uses outdoor venues as bailout from a spacing headache at weddings.

People will cherish Celebrations More

After COVID-19 restricting people’s movement for a long time, many loved ones are eager to celebrate their close ones in person.

Obviously, with a long period of isolation, meeting their loved ones will excite them and create lasting memories for them. People will now cherish celebration more than ever before.

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