OH BABY! Let’s Talk Baby Showers!

When planning your baby shower, it is important to plan little by little to make sure your special day is perfect! We want to help fill your day with not only joy and importance but with fun memories that you will cherish forever! Let’s begin with a checklist. To make sure everything is planned to perfection, Celebrations By Allie, wants to help create an easy yet perfect checklist for you.

  1. SELECT YOUR HOST:Choosing a host for you and your baby’s shower is key to making sure your shower is in good hands while allowing you to sit back, put your feet up and enjoy the party sweets.
  2. SET YOUR BUDGET:Setting a budget for your shower will help the host of the party plan accordingly.
  3. SELECT A DATE, TIME, & LOCATION: Let’s save the date! Choose a perfect day for the family to mark on their calendar as well as a time & location! Choosing a location in advance is best when having to make a reservation if needed.
  4. CREATE A GUEST LIST: When it comes to making your guest list, it’s time to think about if you want that all girl’s baby shower or if you want adults only, or maybe you don’t mind the children tagging along!
  5. MAKE A GIFT REGISTRY:Making a gift registry may be the most fun part as a soon-to-be mommy. Try using a price gun at a local baby store or make it easier on yourself and create it online!
  6. MAIL INVITATIONS:Oh no, don’t forget to invite everyone! Send out those invitations!

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Now let’s get into the fun parts of planning the best baby shower that will be most memorable to you. What kind of cake do you want? Will there be a theme? What kind of games will there be for entertainment? What kind of food? All of this is important to keep the guests happy as well as you!

  1. LET’S SELECT A THEME:Do you want a color theme? Do you want a movie theme? Or maybe just some funny props? Make sure to consider the slightest boost to your shower to make it that much better!
  2. THE CAKE:What kind of cake do baby and mommy want? What’s your favorite? Let’s order it!
  3. DECORATING:Let’s not forget the most eye-pleasing part of all! Having the perfect backdrop for pictures and colorful decorations will not only be eye-catching but appear so beautifully in your baby shower pictures!
  4. WHAT FOOD ARE WE SERVING?:Pizza? Chinese? Homemade? YOU pick!
  5. ENTERTAINMENT:There are a ton of iconic baby shower games you can bring to the shower to keep everyone happy and entertained as well as you, mom. A good game of ‘guess how big the belly is,’ or create a name suggestion jar for people to suggest some names if you’re in need, or maybe a round of baby bingo!

Celebrations By Allie is here to help you and help plan this memorable and dream baby shower of yours! Let’s save the date together!

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