5 Ways to De-stress Before Your Wedding

Not only are weddings memorable but they can be extremely stressful—that is normal, so make sure to breathe! Managing the details of wedding, potential family tension, and budget exhaustion along with the starting a new life can pile up and led to some major stress and anxiety. Everyone knows stress is not health for the body. Stressing yourself out about the wedding can took a serious toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health. Your well-being is the priority!

Here are some tips on ways to de-stress before your special day:

  • Enjoy nature: plan an outdoor event and do not, I repeat DO NOT, bring your cell phone or any such device that can distract you or divert you from enjoying the scenic beauty. Outdoor activities and spending time in nature releases endorphins that help to de-stress. Releasing endorphins will make you happy.  
  • Meditation: you can easily feel overwhelmed when you have so much going on. In order to clear your head from the long list of things to do, we HIGHLY recommend meditation. You should start and end your day with meditation. Meditation will help with relaxation, your mood, and better sleep.
  • Get yourself softening scents: we love essentially oils! Essential oils are presumed best for relaxing as they have some soul soothing properties. Lavender along with many other scents like chamomile, jasmine or basil can be used for this purpose. You can directly apply these oils on your wrist or use an oil diffuser. For scented meditation you can also use scented candles or brew a scented tea. All have therapeutic properties.
  • Plan a night out with future partner: under great pressure of planning, it is natural to have some tension the most important person, your future husband or wife. Make sure to spend quality time with your fiancé. In order to release stress, go on a date! The wedding planning process can be a stressful one but it can also be a lot of fun.
  • Try to pamper yourself:  Self-care 101. Any type of massage or facial can-do wonders with your mood. A good spa day solo or with a friend can help release some MAJOR stress and get you in high spirits.  

Our team can also help with stress levels while planning your wedding. We do the dirty work for you. Why stress, when you don’t have to? Call our team today!

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