How to Choose the Best Venue for Your Event

When planning the perfect event, there are many decisions you will need to make and choose the best venue will be one of them— Choosing the best venue may be one of the most difficult tasks on the list. Venue selection depends on many factors, such as the type of event, catering needs, your audience, or budget. In order to assist along the way, here are some recommendations:

  • Start your venue search now: The earlier, the better. Prior to selecting a venue, make sure you are well aware of three things: your budget, guest count, and space required for your event. Once you have this information, you are ready to take the next step… find the perfect venue! Unless an event is thrown on the calendar, last minute, we always recommend booking a venue at least a year out. If not, six months will do. This will allow you time to create an event website, develop marketing, sell tickets, and more.
  • Parking place:  Make sure the parking is adequate! The last thing you want to be dealing with the day of the event is guest parking. If parking isn’t easy or nonexistent at the venue, hire a valet service. This adds a nice touch to the event.
  • Capacity of the Venue: Select a venue where you can easily accommodate all of your guests. Always leave buffer room for any last-minute guest additions. We never recommend filling a venue at capacity. You will begin to run into issues with over-crowding, fire codes, and more.
  • Amenities and Services: When shopping around, make sure you have a list of all the amenities and services you want offered at your event. Sometimes, venues already offer services in-house. This can be a plus for those who want less run around and vendor logistics.
  • Choosing your Layout and Theme: This step is the icing on the cake! Few things you want to remember, make sure your layout MAKES SENSE. You don’t want your event crammed. It’s important to make sure moving throughout the event is easy. Secondly, make sure to choose a great theme! A theme truly makes an event.

Need help or ideas? Contact Celebrations by Allie. Our team is ready to help guide you throughout the Choose the Best Venue booking process.

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